Meet Milo!

Milo is the handsome mascot of Together We Are Grand! He has roamed the valley for a long time enjoying the majestic mountain views, taking a dip in the serene lakes, living in harmony with the abundant wildlife and keeping an eye on the folks who call Grand County home. 

They are a tight knit community made up of talented artists, unique shops, mouthwatering restaurants, and outdoor adventures galore! There is something here for everyone to do all year long. Gather up your family and friends, visit Grand County and be prepared to have the time of your life! As Milo is here to remind us all…………………

Live life on the WILD side and don’t MOOSE out on any opportunities to create BIG memories and adventures!

Mission of the Site

The mission of this site is to be your one-stop means for everything Grand County by:

Featured Artwork by Nico Iona

Nico is one of many talented artists in Grand County. She is completing an entire fire animal series. This moose was her first animal in the series, and considered a precious gift by the community.

The site and all of its features were developed 100% by volunteers, with the intention of finding a way to give back and help our GRAND community come back stronger than ever after a double whammy setback of the COVID-19 pandemic and the East Troublesome Fire. Both of these events have taken a toll on our businesses and communities. We thank the generous people from our communities, surrounding communities, and from far away communities who have offered compassion, shared support and graciously donated supplies and financial resources to help us recover. Rest assured, between the support of you and our entire surrounding community, Grand County will continue to be a favorite destination for visitors and a place residents are proud to call home. There is no coincidence in the slogan that has come to define our strength…………..”Together We Are Grand!”

Meet the Volunteers

The creation of this site came about when Terrell posted a request on Facebook asking for someone to help create a site to promote local businesses and artists. Her kind-hearted care and compassion to serve her community has resulted in a gift that can benefit all of us for many, many years. Thank you for pushing this forward Terrell!

Carrie responded to Terrell’s request by volunteering to do the web design and site creation. The East Troublesome Fire was an emotional event for all Grand county residents. Although Carrie’s cabin was spared by the brave heroes on the front lines, whom she is forever thankful for, she is saddened by the devastation some of her neighbors have had to endure. She has been trying to find a way to give back, and Terrell’s request presented the perfect opportunity!